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My GM App

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My GM App
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Austin's GM Application
Basic Information
Name: Austin Scott
Age: 14 3/4
Location/Timezone: U.S.A, TX, GMT-6:00
Languages Known: English and SOME Latin(This allows me to understand the main point of most conversations in any non-oriental language{Chinese, Japanese etc})


How will you benefit MapleStory Redemption?
I have played on many servers, so I know how to get around through @fmnpc and other commands. I know places for training and getting gold so when people start to spam about ďWhere do I train at LvL 138 if Iím a Corsair?Ē etc, I can end it. Iím very friendly and donít get frustrated with people unless they talk back, or ask me a question, I give them an answer, then they say ďNo no no, thatís not right.Ē Overall I have much experience with Private Servers and how they work. I also have a good idea on what rewards are deserved from Event winners, and when lesser/greater items should be given instead of giving like, 50,000NX because they finished first in a Jump Quest I find difficult. Rewards should be deserving, not ‹ber pwnage awesome just because they won. Maybe a single item of their choosing or 10b so they could just BUY an item from me later if they wanted to because they made up their mind. I could benefit MapleStory Redemption with my friendly kind attitude, while still being strict when needed and avoiding being bias in any situation.

Do you have any experience in GMing or any coding language knowledge?

I donít have any GMing experience, but I AM taking a programming class at my high school right know and have experience with Python, Javascript, and we are just starting our Unit on Java which we will be continuing on for the rest of the year. My teacher is also comfortable giving us any code we ask him for for things we are doing outside of school, so basically I can get any code you need within a few days of you asking for it. I feel confident that I could handle Hackers and stop Harassment of other players.

How long are you willing to be online per day/week?
I am usually on about 3+ hours each weekday (Mon.-Thur.), depending on my parentsí moods. On weekends I spend most of my free time on the computer, so maybe 5+ hours a day on weekends (Fri.-Sun.).

What makes you stand out from other applicants?
What makes me stand out from other applicants is I even have my own website that I would be happy to send you screen shots of. I have made a clock that syncs with your computers system time, rollover pictures (the picture changes when the mouse is on/off of it), a primitive version of Paint, and a random color generator, and much more. Ever since i started playing MapleStory back when 3rd Jobs were the newest thing, I've been scammed, hacked, harassed, KSed and every other thing you can do to people in MapleStory, so I feel that I would do good at stopping these things/resolving them through compromise/warning/jails when needed. Also I feel that I could enforce rules and ban when needed, while still being loved as a GM for my casual attitude. I have never been biased in my whole life, unfair, possibly when I'm bored and messing around with my friends. If I needed to be, I could be strict, and I know my way around Google and could find most map/monster/item codes in a short amount of time. I also have a VERY good long time memory, so I would be able to commit certain codes that I use a lot to memory. I have always wanted to be a GM, and now that I have a chance, I'll do my best to be a good GM if selected, as I tried very hard on this application.

Tell us about yourself
Iím a freshman in high school and I enjoy hanging out with friends while Iím at school, and playing Maplestory Private Servers and Xbox 360 when Iím at home. I plan to major in programming when I graduate from college and understand that behind each virtual person I encounter, is a real person with real feelings sitting at a computer. Also if I become a GM, I would like to make a name for myself by hosting many fun events. I am 5'9" and growing, about to pass up my dad in height. I like to play ping-pong and darts when I'm not on the computer.

Extra Information:
I like GoW2, GHWT, and Bioshock on Xbox 360. I like to go swimming in my pool when its nice outside, and know how/when to help people, and when they are just acting stupid for attention, and when you just need to ignore them. I can play some guitar, very good at bassoon, and fairly decent at trumpet. I was in band at my school for 3 years, before I decided to quit when I went to high school.

Austin Scott
Pie > Cake

~Carpe Diem
~Arguing on Xbox Live is like the Special Olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded.
~The time for change is always.
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